Pascale Laperrière Podiatric Clinic

Located in Vaudreuil, the clinic offers foot health care for children to the elderly.

What is the difference between a podiatrist, a physician and a doctor?

The podiatrist is a health professional governed by the Quebec Professional Code, the Podiatry Act and the Code of Ethics of Podiatrists. He evaluates and treats conditions and diseases of the foot that are not diseases of the system by medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, surgical, mechanical means or manipulation.

The podiatrist has the expertise and skills necessary to detect any complication relating to the foot and to distinguish between a podiatric pathology, which he can treat, and a systemic disease, which falls more within the competence of the doctor.

Source: Order of Podiatrists of Quebec

Our services

  • Gait analysis
  • Fungus (tinea pedis, nails)
  • Internal foot pain
  • Biomechanical evaluation
  • Ingrown toe nail
  • Foot orthotics
  • Podopediatrics (child)
  • Foot care for diabetics
  • Foot care (calluses, corns, nails)
  • Plantar warts

Tips & tricks

Passionate about alpine skiing?

Did you know that it is greatly beneficial to add your orthotics to your ski boots?

When custom designed by our clinic, orthotics have the advantage of being perfectly adapted to your biomechanics.

Your orthotics will:

  • to reduce the stress that skiing imposes on the feet.
  • to reduce the risk of injury.
  • to hold your foot
  • to optimize your performance

Adopting good posture when working remotely is essential!

  • Sit comfortably at a table or desk and position your feet flat on the floor (use a foot rest if necessary).
  • The back and thighs must be well supported against the seat and back of the chair, and we avoid crossing our legs to avoid hindering blood circulation.
  • Take small breaks to walk or play sports!
  • It is also recommended to wear indoor shoes, especially if you require foot orthotics.

Shoe shopping?

Did you know that it’s best to shop for new shoes in the afternoon?

At this time of day, your feet are more swollen. So you improve your chances of finding shoes that will be comfortable at all times!

Have you ever had a foot cramp?

You might think that the only solution is to wait.

However, there are several techniques that can quickly reduce discomfort and reduce the incidence of cramps.

  • Stretch your foot muscles and toes
  • Massage the painful area or activate your muscles by walking
  • Put weight on your ailing foot
  • Apply a warm compress

Do you wear your shoes without stockings?

Did you know that this promotes fungal infections (fungus).

Here are some tips to avoid this problem:

  • Let your shoes dry
  • Alternate the type of your shoes
  • Spray antiperspirant deodorant on your feet
  • Wash and dry your feet properly after wearing your shoes without socks