Gait analysis aims to have patients walk in order to analyze their walking pattern.

The podiatrist will assess if your feet tend to collapse more than normal (hyperpronation), which can sometimes be due to flat feet (pes plano-valgus). Your feet may also tilt too much outward (hypersupination), which could be due to high arches (pes cavus). Other criteria, such as shock absorption and walking angle, are also analyzed.

Subsequently, your podiatrist may recommend treatments ranging from good footwear to custom-made orthotics.

Do you have pain in your hips?

Did you know that Dr. Laperrière podiatrist can help you!

Lower body pain is often linked to an imbalance in the feet.

As for hip pain, this can be caused by osteoarthritis and can be reduced or even eliminated thanks to podiatric treatment.